Coaching & Consultation

Personal Support and Connection

I offer coaching/consultation from an existential, person-centered lens, working with people seeking to recover from hardships, improve relationships, maximize well-being, and grow personally and spiritually, always with respect for each person’s individuality and the uniqueness of their perspective and life experiences.

Similar to counseling, in this practice coaching involves a process of exploration of your thoughts, feelings, and experiences, and an examination of your behavior patterns and communication habits within the context of an authentic and empathetic relationship. This relationship is voluntary and confidential, and as the client, you maintain autonomous decision-making and responsibility for unforeseen outcomes of your choices.

Unlike clinical mental health counseling, this process does not involve mental health diagnosis and should not be seen as a substitute for treatment of mental illness. My services are not billable to health insurance.

Typical sessions are one-on-one individual meetings, though I also meet with couples or families. I prefer to work with adults but will consider working with children or teens on a case by case basis. In my experience many issues with young children can be addressed through parent coaching and are better resolved within the family rather than bringing the child in to meet directly with a professional.

I look forward to meeting you.

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